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Proclad Group Launch Independent Forged Materials Company

The Proclad Group, which includes FTV Proclad, Proclad Induction Bending and Proclad Heat Treatment, has launched an independent forged materials company to offer a dedicated supply of raw materials to the engineering sector.

Headed by Jim Sinton, who joins the company from Stemcor Special Steels, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the forged materials sector, Proclad are looking to offer clients a highly competitive product with total focus on customer service – without doubt the Proclad Forged Material team have the “oilfield mentality” and are abundantly aware of the quality, response and delivery needs of the world’s most demanding engineering sectors.

Whilst Proclad Forged Materials will be run as an independent company with its own client base, the move means that the Proclad Group are now one of the very few companies which can offer a complete turnkey solution from cradle to grave.

Proclad’s UK Group Sales Manager Derek Shepherd, explained “We have been continually developing our portfolio of services  over the last 7 years with the addition of Proclad Heat Treatment and Pro Inspection, our mechanical testing company, to be able to take full control of our quality and service. The launch of Proclad Forged Materials is now the final piece in the jigsaw.”

He continued, “Our buying power in the forged materials market was so great that it was something we have been looking at for a while now, however it was vital that we could establish a team which not only met the high standards that Proclad is renowned for, but would be able to help take all parts of the Proclad Group forward.”

In addition to FTV Proclad, Proclad Heat Treatment, Proclad Induction Bending and ProInspection, the Proclad Group also incorporates Proclad International Forging, DDL Pumps, DDL Patternshop and ITS Tooling Solutions with a combined annual  turnover in excess of £30 Million.


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