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Subsea Market Demands New Approach to Total Value Engineering

Subsea Market Demands New Approach to Total Value Engineering

There is no doubt the dramatic drop in the oil price has had a massive impact on the oil industry globally. However, the subsea market has been the area which has suffered the most.

And after significant job losses, restructures and refocusing of priorities, the new subsea oil and tools sector is demanding a completely new approach to value engineering as it looks to a future of rebuilding.

Over the last 10 years, Proclad’s continued investment in all areas of its business, including acquisition of new businesses and recruitment of strategic personnel, has enabled it to be in the unique position of being able to offer clients a truly unique service with the launch of its Total Value Engineering Solution.

Our move has been from the traditional sub-contract manufacturer to being able to offer a complete project management solution with every step of the manufacturing process available within the group of companies owned by Proclad.

The launch of Proclad Forged Materials now provides clients with the option to benefit from our global purchasing power. These materials can be prepared by Proclad Heat Treatment, weld clad and machined by our core Proclad team.

And if your project requires forged components or induction bending, we also have specialist inhouse companies to deliver these solutions.

For the first time, this enables clients to enjoy a complete one stop solution with total control over quality, lead times and costs – and all managed by a single Project Manager, whose focus is on client’s needs.

This avoids the inevitable but unnecessary multiplication of mark ups to cover overheads, administration and project management by each contractor in the process.

But we don’t stop there. Our teams of specialists look at every project individually and look at how further savings could be achieved, such as through the development of our Subsea Proflow solution, which has transformed the production and installation of subsea manifolds. 

To find out more about Proclad’s Total Value Engineering Solution, contact your local project manager.