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Proclad Secure Major Induction Bending Contract in Middle East

Induction Bending Middle East

Proclad Induction Bending has secured a major contract for its induction bending solutions in the MENA Region where its Total Value Engineering has once again demonstrated major efficiencies and cost savings.

The contract will see Proclad manufacture 10” bends with various angles from 44 degrees to 90 degrees from API 5L X42 material, all with a wall thickness of 64mm.

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Induction Bending of 34” Pipe for Pipeline Pigging Company

Induction Bending

Proclad Induction Bending has successfully completed an induction bending project for one of the UK’s leading pipeline pigging specialists which included the bending of a 34” diameter pipe.

The project saw Proclad Induction Bending manufacture three 5D 90 degrees bends from carbon steel pipes ranging from 24” to 34” in diameter.

One of the key aspects of the induction bending process is the thinning of the pipe material which must be taken into consideration as it will determine the finished product.

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FTV Proclad Secure Multi-Million Pound Contracts

Glenrothes based FTV Proclad International has celebrated an excellent start to 2018 by securing several new contracts totalling over £5million, all to be delivered in the next 12 months.

Part of the Proclad Group, FTV Proclad International is one of the few engineering companies in the world which offer a complete solution inhouse from supply of materials through to heat treatment, specialist machining, weld cladding, forged fittings and induction bending.

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Heat Treatment Capability Increased Thanks to £300,000 Investment

New Furnace

Proclad Heat Treatment have invested over £300,000 to manufacture and install a new top hat furnace with bogey hearth which will provide a working capacity of 9.5m long x 3.5m wide and 1.2m high.

The natural gas furnace can deliver a maximum running temperature of 1200 Degrees Celsius and has been designed to meet the market leading standards established by Proclad Heat Treatment. 

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Proclad Approved By Fit For Nuclear Programme

Fit For Nuclear

FTV Proclad International has been approved as fit for nuclear under the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s (NAMRC) programme which enables companies to benchmark their standards against those demanded by the Nuclear sector’s top tier companies.

The programme is designed to help members to secure work from civil nuclear plants at home and overseas by confirming their suitability as potential suppliers to the sector.

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Subsea Market Demands New Approach to Total Value Engineering

Subsea Market Demands New Approach to Total Value Engineering

There is no doubt the dramatic drop in the oil price has had a massive impact on the oil industry globally. However, the subsea market has been the area which has suffered the most.

And after significant job losses, restructures and refocusing of priorities, the new subsea oil and tools sector is demanding a completely new approach to value engineering as it looks to a future of rebuilding.

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Proclad Induction Bending Launch Intelli-Bend System

Proclad Induction Bending

Proclad Induction Bending has invested in excess of £50,000 in a custom designed intelligent Data Recording system to provide clients with detailed quality information throughout the production process.

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Major Investment Triples Weld Overlay Cladding Capacity

Proclad Triples capacity

Proclad has completed a major investment in its Dubai Technopark facility which has tripled the manufacturing capacity for alloy weld clad overlay line pipes.

The decision was driven by a growing global demand for corrosion resistant alloy clad line pipes and Proclad’s commitment to delivering the world’s leading service in terms of quality and lead times.

The investment in state of the art technology has transformed the travel speeds, and the deposition rates, to improve production schedules and outputs.

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Dawson Downie Lamont to Launch New Steam Driven Cargo Stripping Pump

New Steam Driven Cargo Stripping Pump

Dawson Downie Lamont, one of the world’s leading players in the manufacture and supply of specialised direct acting steam driven reciprocating pumps, have launched a new vertical steam driven pump which would be used during the unloading operations of VLCC tankers and FPSO vessels.

The Cargo Stripping Pumps are designed to pump the remaining crude oil and sea water from the cargo hold and pipe work of these large tankers.

The new pump has been designed to allow a structured modular build, with smaller pump casing assemblies which makes for easier casting and manufacture.

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FTV Proclad Launch Revolutionary Subsea Manifold Solution

Subsea Spool Fabrication

FTV Proclad has launched its Subsea Pro Flow, a revolutionary approach to manufacturing and supplying Subsea Flowspools which is designed to improve the accuracy and performance of the manifold system, reduce installation times and avoid potential problems during the installation process.

The Subsea Pro Flow solution has already secured two major contracts worth in excess of £16 million for projects in the Western Australia Subsea Market.

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